Fleetwood Mac - Oh Daddy
Bob Seger - Roll Me Away
The Moody Blues - Fly Me High
Villagers - Old Man
Muse - Psycho
Toto - Bend
Bob Seger - Katmandu
Bob Seger - Her Strut
Khaos - After the silence
Barclay James Harvest - Rock`n`Roll Star
Fleetwood Mac - I Don`t Want To Know
Neil Young - Out on the Weekend
Dalton - Something for the pain
Phosphorescent - Are You Ready For The Country
Muse - Drones
Smoke Fairies - Alabama
Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory
Daylight Robbery - Scream out loud
SoulHealer - The journey goes on
Paisley Doug - Out On The Weekend


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